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Recliner Chair Repairs

Sitting in a recliner chair is a favorite way to relax and enjoy the comfort of your home, but once broken, many don’t about recliner repairs.¬†Broken or collapsed metal recliner bases are generally harder to repair on your own and require the help of a professional furniture repair service. It can be more cost-effective for recliner repairs than buy a new one.

Recliner Repairs: Mechanisms and Frames

The problem with my recliner is the back cushion has come undone and needs to be attached to something. There is a metal spring in the back and the cushion was attached to a cloth piece that has ripped and can not be saved.

  • Recliner Repairs
  • Replace recliner mechanisms
  • Replace pull handles
  • Repair broken frames

With recliners in particular, the moving parts can pose a safety hazard if they malfunction, or if they are not used properly. Pets, children and the elderly can be hurt by getting arms or legs stuck between the chair and the footrest. Falling out of any broken chair can do physical injury to a loved one.

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